Friday, 26 August 2011

Todays job was make-up for a party of six . we had an amazing venue as our base and the morning just went so quickly ..

A brunette a blonde and a redhead . Gorgeous !

I had a great morning with Elaine , laura and Claire ..

Gorgeous skin and colouring we were able to use so many colours our theme was simple , classic and timeless !

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Blonde beauty

Here is my good friend Alison Walker on the panel of a question of sport . Alison needed a look that was natural and feminine as she was immersed in a pool of testostorone for this one !
We went for feminine soft hair with lots of volume and gorgeous pinks for lips and cheeks .. I think she looks just gorgeous here and love doing her make-up x

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

SHOCK !! did Kate Middleton actually do her own make-up ?

I am finding it hard to believe that Kate middleton decided to do her own make-up but it seems she has !

I thought she looked exquisit on the day and obvioulsy she is good at doing her own make-up but there were some tell tale signs that she had been sweeping the blusher brush herself ... a serious lack of blending of blush and eyeliner that it was indeed the work of Kates hand and not a pro .

A very brave step on her behalf as there were about 2 billion people tuning in to scrutinise her accross the Globe . I loved it ! the magic and the fairytale of it all , it brought a tear to my eye as she did look every inch the princess that little girls dreams are made of .

So girls all we need to do now is find our prince and probibaly a make-up artist on the day as blending is key :-) xx


Michelle x

Monday, 4 April 2011

Masterclass event st judes Glasgow

Hi There, I have decided to restart my blog . After a really busy few months working on various television programmes and projects I have finally got time to sit down and write about my masterclassess . I have been hosting them for 12 months now and they tend to be in Glasgow or Edinburgh and can be held for one student or 20 ! My clients tend to be beauty therapists that are looking to really hone in on their skills and perfect their make-up offering beautiful make-up to their clients and Bridal parties.

Here are some pictures of my students and models today .

The Therapist at todays Masterclass were

Elaine Mckenzie from Raspberry beauty Edinburgh


Kim Angus of Rosanna beauty Edinburgh mobile:07902853 726

If you would like any more infor on the Masterclassess contact me via my web-site @ or by email @ keep sparkling xx Michelle C

Thursday, 1 July 2010

The Team Work !

Putting together any kind of even takes lots of preparation and the Right team to pull it all together . I recently hosted a fashion show at 29 Royal exchang square in Glasgow's city centre .We had such a great team and we all had great night.

The event was aimed at our working wardrobe and corporate image so together with Cruise, Thomas Pink , Forbes and Harper , GDH hairdressing and not forgetting The Make-up Team we got to work on our models for the show putting togther some great looks for business and making sure you get the edge over the competition . The event was the idea of Jennifer Innes , events organiser and Glasgow chamber of commerce.

Here is a shot of The team together .


The Revoluiton

I am fascinated by lipstick ,powder and paint as much as I am by what lies beneath. Take time to re-connect with you again . Remember the things you loved as a child what made you happy . its easy with the passage of time to forget who we really are.

There is a new revolution making its way to us and is already huge in the states .The revolution is all about living longer and it is now predicted by the experts in this field that the average 40-50yr old could infact live until 110 years old ! Scary thoughts !

I have become more and more interested in this subject and have been studying it avidly . What I am finding is that there are 4 areas that concentrate this theory .

1. NUTRITION : our western diets are bad ! our supermarkets are full of processed crap !!!!! most of whats packed on their shelves are so packed with rubbish .

2. EXCERCISE : Is important but not the knocking yourself out style . you shouldn't feel wiped out after a session just feel the burn and 20 minutes per day is enough to get our natural hormones in action .

3.SKINCARE: Make sure you are using products for protection by day and nurturing at night . A sunscreen with a high spf of at least 30 . and at night a cream .

4.VITAMINS and MINERALS: There are so many to look at . I wold suggest going ino a reputable supplieer and asking for their expertise .

Sleep is another essential as this is when your body heals and repairs itself and gets those hormones pumping again .Be selfish YES ... take time for you and what makes you heart sing ! You want the feel good endorphins flowing as they are like an internal holiday .. Make sure you get time to do the things you love and that your friends and family allow you time for this . Its not selfish ! Its necessary .

Be You xx

Friday, 25 June 2010



This seasons colours are smouldering we are going for sultry and sexy with very latino feel .

Summer is here and it time to get your skin glowing and sunkissed .

Cliniques tintied moituriser or kanebo are fabulous for your skin during the summer also guerlain who are still top of the game for great bronzing products.

So get a glow on your skin make you eyes smoulder and add a beautiful peachy pout and you will be ready for summer.

Try out some new looks on your own and dont be scared to experiment . have fun with your make-up !!
be a giry girl x
and dont forget to Sparkle
Michelle x